UPDATED September 29, 2016

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NEW CD with Jimmy Bowskill "Blues Etc"

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 Rob Quartly video "Interesting Is Everywhere" 

Carlos is signing up harmonica students for Skype lessons. Contact Carlos here to inquire. One of the most important parts of practicing is doing regular transcribing to memory of your favourite harmonica solos. Use "Transcribe!" to do this - this is hands down the best software available that will quickly help you achieve mastery over your favourite solos. Also the Ultimate Jam Tracks are fantastic to play along when practicing your favourite harp riffs.

Nominated for 2013 Maple Leaf Blues Award Harmonica Player of The Year Award!

The 2011International Songwriting Competition awarded the song "Heddon Tadpolly Spook" from the latest CD Mongrel Mash 2nd place in the Instrumental category.
Carlos' latest CD MONGREL MASH is available for purchase. Listen to sound bytes here.
Carlos interview with Harmonica Orginization of Texas available here
CBC Radio documentary "BENT SPECTRUM" now available as streaming podcast. Contains music and interviews with Carlos del Junco and Howard Levy.
. Long out of stock "BLUES" (with Bill Kinnear) and 1995 "BIG ROAD BLUES" (with Thom Roberts) now available at CD Baby for download